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Are you looking for a strong partner to join your project? We can offer you reliable solutions from a single source!

For more mobility
in medical technology

Our digitally controllable drives open up brand new possibilities. Let’s work together to create more joy!

Windy and raining outside?

Our drive solutions defy the harshest environmental conditions – see for yourself!

Drive of the future

Innovative logistics solutions require innovative drive technologies – let’s get to know each other!

As a systems provider, FRIWO offers digitally controllable, perfectly aligned drive solutions from a single source. We supply all components required for a modern electric drive while at the same time taking responsibility for the reliable functioning of the overall system.

Drive solutions are not only used in the field of electric mobility, but also in our other competence markets of medical technology, industry, and mobile tools.

Our system solutions are just as wide-ranging as our customers – contact us and let us work together to improve your product!

Motor control unit
Outstanding control of brushless electric drives

Minimum effort, maximum result: Our smart motor control unit can be integrated into your drive system within a very short time thanks to the automatic teach-in function. You can use the software to configure how it works via state-of-the-art communication interfaces.

Motor control units

Drive unit
High-performance combination of motor and control

We offer complete drive units as well as the motor control unit on its own. The FRIWO motor control unit is installed directly onto the motor. They work together to form one perfectly aligned system.

Drive units

Service Software
Individual configuration and maintenance of control devices

Appropriate control and maintenance of the drive system is essential for long-term driving enjoyment. Our internally developed service software accompanies your vehicle over its entire service life.

Service Software

Innovative charging technology for maximum mobility

Bolstered by experience gained from almost half a century, we are the partner you want when it comes to charging technology. Together, we will find the perfect solution for your specific needs – from the highest charge capacity and noiseless convection cooling to state-of-the-art communication options.


Battery packs
High-end battery solutions for demanding conditions

Our batteries are suitable for use in the toughest conditions, such as continuous use in e-scooter sharing models. Smart battery management system (BMS) enables 24/7 operation.

Battery Packs

Vehicle Control Unit
Smart connectivity of different vehicle functions

We use our VCU to connect the entire vehicle with the peripheral components. State-of-the-art communication interfaces such as USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, or 4G ensure the widest range of applications and integration with big data technologies.

Vehicle control units

Versatile information system for modern electric vehicles

Our weatherproof display solution is easy to read even in direct sunlight and keeps the driver up to date. The display is updated instantaneously.