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Complete security of supply for critical applications

Medical power supply: The heart of the application

Heart failure – one of the most feared medical incidents. If the heart fails, then so does everything else. The same is true of your application’s power supply. If it fails, then the entire system is affected – with catastrophic consequences for medical technology.

That is why a reliable power supply partner is essential. We want to live up to that expectation. Since the invention of the first plug-in power supply unit in 1971, our customers have relied on our expertise – and we have manufactured far over a billion power supply units. Almost half a century’s experience, and our German engineering skill, guarantee your application’s power supply – and with it the patient’s safety.



Innovative solutions for the highest requirements

FRIWO’s medical power supply solutions are designed for the most challenging conditions. Whether the aim is to survive falls during tumultuous emergency treatment thanks to potting technology, to protect the patient with minimum leakage current of ≤10μA, or to secure the power supply with redundant systems and battery-operated backup solutions: FRIWO develops and manufactures reliable power supply units.

We thereby keep our focus on user safety and develop innovative concepts that make day-to-day medical life easier. For example, in the area of inductive charging technology – we already offer contactless energy solutions with power transmission of up to 150 W and simultaneous transmission of data. The use of inductive charging technology allows the development of medical devices with completely sealed housings – a huge advantage in sterile working environments!

FRIWO takes possible future changes to norms and increasing efficiency requirements into account in development and manufacturing, to ensure the seamless long-term marketing of your products. And FRIWO is a reliable partner for advice about legal requirements, such as the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). On request, we can use materials that ensure a high level of biocompatibility in our medical power supply units.

The heart of Your Application

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When the heart fails, everything else fails. The same applies to the power supply of your application: if it fails, the entire system is affected – a catastrophe! It is therefore of the utmost importance to have a reliable power supply partner at your side. We want to meet this need.

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Mobile power supply of medical exoskeletons

ExoAtlet - Success Story

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A specially constructed exoskeleton enables people who are actually confined to a wheelchair to stand up for the first time since their impairment without the help of fellow human beings – and not only to stand up, but even to walk. FRIWO is proud to be able to supply such a moving project with its products. Read our Success Story now!

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6 Requirements for Medical Power Supplies

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What should companies consider when choosing their power supply in the medical environment? Which leakage currents and voltage strengths are decisive? And what standards must be complied with in order to maintain approval in the market? Read more in the free checklist.

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6 Requirements for Medical Power Supplies
Whitepaper MDR

The requirements of the Medical Device Regulation

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In our free whitepaper, we explain the requirements of the new Medical Device Regulation, which came into force on May 26, 2021. You can find out here which documentation and labeling requirements must now be met and how to keep your approval on the market.

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Certification according to ISO 13485 as an additional quality commitment

Certification according to ISO 13485, in particular, represents an additional quality commitment for medical technology, because the standard defines the regulatory requirements for comprehensive management systems at medical product manufacturers. As an internationally recognized norm, the standard includes guidelines for construction and development, production, installation, maintenance, and operation. This certification sets tough standards for exact compliance in every process step. There is a particular focus on risk management, as well as complete and consistent documentation; not only to minimize risk, but also to ensure optimum traceability of products and components.

Feeding pumps

Effective protection of electronics from peak loads


Essential energy – solution with <10 µA leakage for use on the heart

Infusion pumps

Waterproof and shock resistant – our patented potting technology protects sensitive electronics

OR assistance systems

System solutions consisting of batteries and chargers for maximum security of supply


Assisted mobilization thanks to an IEC 62133 certified battery packs

Cardiac support systems

Complete security of supply with the smallest possible design

Dental technology

Convenient handling in sterile environments, thanks to inductive charging technology


Reliable supply of challenging peak loads of up to 8 kW

Anesthesia technology

Robust housing concepts with IPx protection for challenging environments

Patient monitors

Interruption-free monitoring with redundant power supply systems

Inhalation devices

Compact, globally compatible power supply units you can take anywhere

Your contact for medical technology