Enable Tool NG

Our all-inclusive package


A lot happens during the life of an electric vehicle. Our internally developed service software accompanies your vehicle throughout each stage of its life – from development and mass production to fault analysis in the workshop.

It all starts with the development process. In order to provide the best possible support for your development team, we supply Enable Tool NG with the right software to make settings on our control units, manage different versions of this data, and safely carry out assembly from the prototype to the larger vehicle fleet.

The Enable Tool NG supports the calibration of the control units and the commissioning of electric systems during mass production. The software also maintains databases for the long-term secure storage of data and protocols.

Even an electric vehicle needs to be serviced. With the Enable Tool NG, we have prepared the infrastructure for you to set up and expand your dealer network! Our control units are equipped with a USB diagnostic interface to give registered service staff access to the fault memory or to carry out firmware updates.

For this purpose, different roles can be assigned to the users of the software depending on their authorizations.


Technical data

System requirementsMicrosoft Windows, Dualcore CPU @ 1.8 Ghz, 2GB RAM, 100MB HDD