Innovative power supply units and drive systems for limitless mobility

Unparalleled driving pleasure: Next-level electromobility

The key to a perfectly functioning overall system is the precise selection and detailed matching of individual components. To make sure that the process is a success we offer you a complete package: As a provider of drive technology systems we can deliver all the components required for a modern electric drive train from a single source – including the required control and service software.

Digitally controlled drive systems

Our portfolio includes a modular system consisting of the display, motor control unit, drive unit, battery pack, and charger, with the option of digital control and monitoring. Our in-house software allows the behavior of individual components to be amended – whether by the vehicle manufacturer on the production line or by the driver with an app in everyday use.

The software can be used to configure the behavior of individual components completely independently, giving your vehicle its own character that sets it apart from standard solutions. You can offer the user different driving profiles and fully brand the vehicle’s digital displays in line with your corporate design, to create a unique customer experience and strengthen brand recognition. And, last but not least, you can intelligently network your vehicles to gather more knowledge about your product with each additional kilometer driven, and allow wireless updates.

You call it a unique driving experience. We call it system solutions made by FRIWO.

Charging and battery technology

The future of mobility is green, just like FRIWO’s charging technology. Maximum efficiency and minimum standby loss ensure environmentally conscious transportation. Our devices comply with diverse safety concepts, while offering high charging currents and a full battery in the shortest possible time – so that you don’t spend your valuable time stuck at the power outlet.

Our market-leading position in the field of e-bike charging technology means we are intimately familiar with the requirements of optimum power supply systems for light electric vehicles (LEVs).  Along with short charging periods, user-friendly operation thanks to state-of-the-art communication interfaces and the exceptional robustness of our devices are key to the experience of limitless electromobility.

From the user’s perspective, we see our chargers and battery solutions as constant companions that should not stand in the way of the next trip because of their size or weight. Our solutions are custom made for green transportation, and our development goal is, of course, zero standby power.

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Rapid charging with minimum installation spac

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Digital control of the electric motor as an experience

Electric go-karts
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Maximum performance for maximum success

Electric rickshaws
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Robust components that can survive dirt and humidity

Golf trolleys
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Lightweight solutions that make a hobby more enjoyable

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