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Fastest charging times for use on the go

Always ready to use

Premium charging technology from FRIWO: This is the ideal solution for use on the go. Even our standard portfolio includes extremely energy-efficient chargers with minimal standby losses. Yet we are particularly proud of our customized solutions. With our market-leading charging technology, we supply numerous global companies from ambitious sectors such as mobile tools and gardening equipment, medical technology and electromobility, making us one of the key players in charging technology.

As an innovative company, we are also continuously working on future power supply concepts. Inductive charging concepts, for example, are suitable for the toughest environments due to their dustproof and waterproof design, ensuring greater hygiene in critical areas.

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Product highlight
Li-Ion Charger LEV500

A standard product that sets new standards

With the launch of the LEV500 Li-Ion charger, FRIWO is redefining charging technology for „green“ electric mobility in terms of robustness, efficiency and customizing.

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Interchangeable AC plugs

Interchangeable AC plug systems

Plugged in anywhere in the world

Compact chargers for use anywhere in the world: Our solutions with interchangeable AC plugs are ideal for use on the go. The devices are controlled by micro-controllers and exceed the latest efficiency standards, offer minimal leakage current, and protect the battery with special charging characteristics.



Charging with maximum efficiency

Our charging technology in a desktop format: Highest efficiency in the standard product range. In addition to saving energy, it is considered one of the best in terms of service life and safety. All devices are voltage-regulated, current-limited, and permanently protected against short-circuit. Integrated monitoring of charging and discharge ensures effective protection of the sensitive battery cells.

Inductive charging

Inductive charging

Wires are a thing of the past

Inductive power transmission and efficiency – a contradiction? Not if you have the right technology. In the field of contactless power supply, we have already implemented highly efficient systems with 150W power and parallel data communication with 1Mbit/s half duplex. Together we can bring your product into the future!


Customized solutions

Tailored charging technology

Whether high or low power, convection cooling, temperature monitoring, active battery balancing, or communication via BUS systems: with extensive experience and the highest level of competence in the field of charging technology, together we will find the optimum solution to meet your specific requirements.

Customized solutions