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Shortest possible charging times for constant availability

Always ready for the next project

We know our trade – and those of your customers: Efficient, rapid chargers with high charging currents ensure short charge times and increase the availability of battery-operated power tools and garden devices. Whether for professional users or experienced DIY enthusiasts, charging technology from FRIWO means that when a project takes a little longer, it won’t be because of an empty battery.

Smart, rapid charging technology

Our power supply units should make the end-user’s work as easy as possible. Multiple charging solutions from FRIWO detect different battery pack configurations and can charge cells with different chemistries.

The use of modern communication interfaces not only allows consistent monitoring and control of the charging process, but also smart communication with the end user. Read-outs of residual battery capacity, the number of charging cycles, or the remaining running time are simple examples of the huge range of possibilities offered by modern charging systems made by FRIWO.

Our technology also gives tool manufacturers huge advantages. For example, sensors in the battery allow us to take detailed error analysis, and the detection of the causes for device malfunction, to a whole new level. We also offer state-of-the-art authentication processes between the battery and charger to combat product piracy.

Robust solutions for the toughest conditions

Heavily used tools have to withstand a lot: Hammer drills get very hot. Battery-operated hand-held circular saws run in their own dust. Hedge trimmers are left in light rain, while robot lawnmowers are outside in every weather. It is easy to forget that the battery and charger, not just the device itself, has to offer optimum performance under those conditions.

We use potting to protect the electronic elements of our power supply units from dust and moisture in the most challenging environments. Thanks to our patented component potting technology, that doesn’t come at the cost of a disproportionate effect on the weight of the product – which is sure to please the user.

Our considerable experience in the field of convection cooling is particularly useful when designing solutions for environments that are anything but sterile. Eliminating the cooling fan removes a malfunction-prone component from the device, extending its life.

The demands placed on a charger and battery are as diverse as the tools they power. Tell us about the specific challenges you face, so that we can develop innovative solutions together – there’s a reason why numerous well-known companies in the industry rely on our expertise.

Cordless power tools

Rapid charging concepts for constant availability

Robot lawn mowers

The use of potting protects charging technology in all weather conditions

Cordless garden tools

Low weight and minimum installation space for maximum convenience

Angle grinders

Full power at the touch of a button

Window vacuum cleaners

Short charging times for a seamless cleaning process

Robot vacuum cleaners

Long battery life for increased living comfort

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