Questions? Here are some answers.

Frequently asked questions concerning FRIWO

I own a Compit device, can you repair it for me?

We are sorry but the company Compit (previously known as „FRIWO-Compit“) was sold to a Dutch company in 2002. As far as we know, Compit was dissolved two years ago in Ostbevern. We do not have any further details. We cannot repair any third party devices. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

My Battery Bike Light is defect, can I send it in?

Production of Bike-Lights was stopped years ago; therefore we no longer have any replacement parts available. As the device was only manufactured by us under license, we would recommend that you contact AJG Industrie-Batterien GmbH, Tinsdaler Kirchenweg 285, 22559 Hamburg (Tel. +49 40 819 606 05).

Do you still have instruction manuals for …?

As we solely supply original equipment manufacturers, we do not have any instruction manuals. If the matter concerns an older piece of consumer equipment, e.g. FW 4070 UNI or similar, this section was sold to COMPIT in 2002. All rights to the instruction manuals were also transferred to the new owner.

A few of our devices have one of your company’s batteries installed. We need a safety data sheet for it.

If there is a FRIWO battery in your devices, these were formerly manufactured by Friemann & Wolf GmbH, Duisburg, which was sold to the company EXIDE (Büdingen) in 1997. Please enquire with them.

Orders of portable lamps, headlamps and workplace lighting, emergency lights:

If the devices are labelled „CEAG“, there is possibly confusion with the company CEAG Notlichtsysteme GmbH, Senator-Schwartz-Ring 26, 59494 Soest. This company is not identical to us and otherwise not connected to us.If the devices have FRIWO labelling, then they are safety and emergency lights by the former company Friemann & Wolf GmbH, Duisburg. The company KMC Sicherheitslicht und -strom GmbH, Duisburg can give you information on these products. Its contact details are Tel +49 2066 2053-0 (www.kmc-sicherheit.de).

Are you connected to the company FRIWO Entstaubungstechnik?

No. Please note the diferent URLs: FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH = www.friwo.de, FRIWO Entstaubungstechnik = www.friwo.net.

Can I order individual components, e.g. connectors or circuit boards, etc.?

Electronic components or circuit boards are not available from us or our partners.

Can I purchase linear units from you?

As an environmentally conscious company, FRIWO has not been developing and manufacturing linear devices for a long time, as these no longer meet the legal requirements for efficiency and standby losses. We also no longer have any old stock.

Where can I get information about mining lamps?

Mining lamps used to belong to the “Mining” division of FRIEMANN & WOLF Duisburg, our former parent company. Since this division was given up relatively early, there is unfortunately no one left who could provide information about older lamps and types, nor is there an archive.

What do I need to do in case of a return shipment or a complaint?

To enhance our customer service, we continually optimize our processes. In this context we ask you to notify your FRIWO sales support in advance about any product returns. You will then receive an RMA code (Return Material Authorization) which helps us to quickly identify the shipment and to accelerate internal processes accordingly. This RMA code is to be attached to each shipment.<br>Contact details of your personal FRIWO sales support can be found on the top right corner of our order confirmation, delivery note or invoice. If these documents are not available, please contact rma@friwo.com.</p>Please note that we can not acceny returns without a valid RMA code after September 1st, 2014.

Questions about power supplies

What stands for... Some abbreviations explained briefly

DT = Desktop

E²MS = Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services

FOX = FRIWO One-Click Xchange

GPP = Global Power Plug

LED = Light Emitting Diode

LT = LED-Driver

OF = Open Frame

PP = Power Plug

SMD = Surface-Mounted Device (oberflächenmontierbares Bauteil)

UP = flush-mounted

USB = Universal Serial Bus

Battery types

Li-Ion = Lithium-Ion

LiFePO4 = lithium iron phosphate

NiCd = nickel-cadmium

NiMH = nickel metal hydride

Pb = lead

What is leakage current?

The current which, during operation of a device, flows out via the capacitances and the insulation resistance of the operating circuit via the protective conductor of the device to earth. The leakage current is important for medical power supplies.

What is the operating temperature?

The temperature range which must not be exceeded or fallen below when the device is in operation.

What does continuous short-circuit proof mean?

Continuous short circuit proof means that a short circuit can be present for a long time without damaging the output. Once the fault has been rectified, the output operates normally again.

What is EMV/EMC?

EMC stands for the ability of an electrical device to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without unacceptably influencing its environment, which also includes other devices. Power supply units should comply with at least two basic EMC standards:

1. the standard for emitted interference (interference that the power supply unit emits or radiates in a conducted fashion) and

2. the standard for immunity (protection against external interference). These generic standards comprise a large number of other sub-standards, each of which defines limit values for sub-sectors (e.g. certain types of interference). FRIWO power supplies usually comply with these standards to a stricter degree than required because we believe that the EMC of our devices should be as good as possible in order to enable trouble-free operation.

What does short-circuit proof mean?

Short circuit proof means that a temporary short circuit can be tolerated without damage.

What does storage temperature mean?

Temperature range in which a device may be stored (not operated) without suffering damage.

What does MTBF mean?

MTBF stands for Mean Time Between Failures. The MTBF indicates the statistical average time when a device fails due to processing or component faults before signs of wear and tear begin.

What is an NTC?

A temperature-dependent resistor with a negative coefficient, whereby the resistance value is greatly reduced with increasing temperature. Consequently, it is also called a thermistor. In addition to temperature measurement, it is also used to limit the inrush current of power supplies.

What is SMT?

SMT (surface-mounted technology) is a surface mounting technology in which surface-mountable components (components without wire connections) are soldered directly onto a printed circuit board using solderable connection surfaces.

What is voltage regulated?

A control loop in the power supply unit keeps the output voltage constant regardless of all factors (e.g. temperature).

What are the standby losses?

Current consumption of a power supply in no-load operation.

What does current limited mean?

Electronic overload protection that limits the maximum output current to a preset value.

What does THT stand for?

THT stands for the English term: through-hole technology and describes the through-hole assembly. In this type of assembly, the components have wire connections (“wired components”) and are inserted through the printed circuit board by means of contact holes and then connected by special THT soldering processes.

What does environmental temperature mean?

Temperature of the still air surrounding the unit. Is usually measured approx. 10 mm next to the unit in operation.

What is the surge voltage resistance?

A power supply circuit monitors the output voltage. If a certain preset limit is exceeded, the power supply is deactivated.

What is efficiency?

The efficiency is calculated from the ratio of output to input power and is always less than one.

What does Single Range/Wide Range mean?

Single range
Power supply with an input voltage for operation in the particular countries.

Wide Range (also known as Wide Range)
Power supplies with wide-range input can be operated at different nominal voltages without the need to adjust them by (manual or automatic) switching.