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Putting together a well-functioning, focused management team is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. What’s the recipe to our success? Different characters with different backgrounds, experiences, and core competences, which complement each other ideally.

Together they form a goal-oriented management team in which responsibilities are clearly assigned:


Management team
Rolf Schwirz
Chief Executive Officer

To live up to the claim of being a technology leader, you need strong leadership: Rolf Schwirz has been CEO and chairman of the Group board at FRIWO since 2017 and is responsible for the Technology, Production, and Sales divisions. In him, the FRIWO Group not only has a charismatic management personality with exceptional sales experience, but can also build on a wealth of experience.

Before working at FRIWO, Rolf Schwirz held various management roles at reputable hardware and software companies. He started out his career in 1983 as system analyst for companies such as Siemens Nixdorf and Siemens AG, where he held various management positions.

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He then went on to become Head of Mature Markets for EMEA at the SAP software group before performing various international management roles at industry giant Oracle for a period spanning 12 years. This included Senior Vice President Western Continental Europe, Managing Director Nordic-Germany, and Vice President Sales Germany.

Mr. Schwirz then went on to become CEO at Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH. He held the same position at Kontron AG from 2013 to 2016, before finally being recruited for the exciting management role at the FRIWO Group.

Tobias Tunsch
Chief Financial Officer

Future growth is based on a solid financial foundation and a clear strategic focus: Tobias Tunsch has been nominated as Chief Financial Officer of FRIWO AG from March 1st, 2022 and is responsible for the areas of Finance, Controlling, Accounting, Taxes, Procurement, IT, Investor Relations and Sustainability. Tobias Tunsch has already taken over CFO-specific tasks for FRIWO since May 2021 as an external advisor in the finance department. During this time, he contributed to the successful implementation of various management topics including setting up the joint venture in India and managing the impact of the Corona pandemic.

The FRIWO Group can in future rely on his longtime experience in the management of accounting, controlling, finance and tax functions for well-known, internationally operating groups in a wide range of industries, his broad spectrum of commercial and operational expertise as well as his strategic management experience.

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Before joining FRIWO, Tobias Tunsch worked for Siemens VDO Automotive, Takata-Petri and Grammer, among others. From mid-2016, he was a partner and co-owner of the European consulting network Bonum Executive Advisory, whose range of services is focused on advising and supporting top management functions in companies.

Dominik Wöffen
Chief Operations Officer

A certain constant is indispensable for a future-proof company: This is Dominik Wöffen, our Chief Operations Officer (COO), who completed his successful career at FRIWO. The graduate industrial engineer began his career in our company in 2009 as a sales manager and initially managed the export division before taking over responsibility for the development of new product and business areas as Vice President Business Development in 2013.

In 2015, Mr. Wöffen was the only employee sent out to Vietnam from Germany to set up a new manufacturing site for the FRIWO Group. In addition to setting up our unique production facilities in Asia, he was also responsible for horizontal integration there as the General Director of FRIWO Vietnam. In addition to taking over a converter and choke production facility by way of a M&A in 2017, this primarily involved the establishment of our own cable assembly facility (2018) and the construction of our own injection molding capacities (2019).

When he returned to Germany, Mr. Dominik Wöffen was appointed COO in 2018 and has been responsible for global production since then.

Peter Fiedler
Chief Technology Officer

Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Peter Fiedler started at FRIWO in 2020 as Head of Project Management. In this role, he fundamentally built up the project management team and established a structured product realisation process.

Prior to this, the electrical engineering graduate worked for many years in the areas of R&D management and engineering. In his career to date, he has gained extensive experience at renowned international companies in microelectronics, image processing and semiconductor manufacturing.

Since 2023, he has expanded his area of responsibility at FRIWO and taken on the role of Chief Technology Officer. In this role, he has overall responsibility for Research & Development and Project Management.