Best-in-class motor control unit

Maximum driving enjoyment meets maximum efficiency in the most compact design

Emerge 6000

High-performance control with automatic teach-in function

The motor control unit for 48V drives was specially developed for use in light electric vehicles. With a continuous output of 6kW and a peak power of up to 12kW, the Emerge 6000 accelerates confidently through everyday life.

Thanks to the automatic teach-in function, the controller forms a powerful unit with the motor within a very short time. Our field-oriented control system with highly efficient control algorithms then ensures a unique driving experience.

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Software-based configuration for maximum driving enjoyment

Using the in-house “Enable Tool NG” software, the motor control unit and with it your vehicle can be given its own, completely customer-specific character during production. A smartphone app will then allow the driver to set four different driving modes and thereby ensure the desired level of driving enjoyment. We also supply the matching display with the in-house app via a Bluetooth connection.

State-of-the-art communication interfaces also minimize fault analysis, maintenance, and software updates by your dealers and workshops. In addition, our motor control unit sets standards regarding the form factor: Thanks to its minimal size, it gives vehicle manufacturers maximum design freedom.

Durability in toughest conditions: from motor sports to the road

During the development of the Emerge 6000, particular attention was also paid to its robustness for continuous outdoor use in all climates. After over five million test kilometers in electric scooter sharing applications, this control system has already proven itself under the most diverse conditions. There are more than 4,000 units on the road in Europe, which have gained experience with every single kilometer and thereby contributed to the continuous improvement of the product.

Our control system has also proven itself to be a cut above the rest in motor sports: two complete racing seasons in the WEC LMP1 class, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, confirm its status and demonstrate its durability even at maximum performance.

Since both hardware and software are fully developed in-house, we can always react extremely flexibly to customer requirements and special requests.

Technical data
Supply voltage 14V - 65V
Phase current 300A
Motor types Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
Control algorithm Field-oriented control with field weakening
Functions Automatic teach-in function
Four driving modes
Reverse gear
Display control
Smartphone app
Position sensor Hall sensor
Analog inputs 2
Digital inputs 2
Communication CAN
Diagnostic interface USB
Diameter 155 mm
Height 45 mm
Weight 914 g

For customer-specific drive units

Build your own

Would you like to have your own motor control unit for your own applications?

No problem! The board of our proven Emerge 6000 motor control unit is ideally suited to be embedded in a customer-specific installation space. We will supply you with it as an assembled printed circuit board and you take care of the mechanical and electrical integration.

Our control unit is also optimally equipped for special requirements: for example, there are some applications where the circuit board is placed behind a rotor in axial extension. In this case, we also have the option to work with an onboard resolver.

In the resolver, a magnet is placed on the shaft end and the motor control unit is placed centrally above it. This saves using Hall sensors and the associated wiring, which greatly improves the way the control unit works.

Together we will find the optimal solution – just contact us!

Dimensions of the PCB
Diameter 118 mm
Height (ELKO) 4 mm-7 mm (25 mm)

Do it yourself PCB

Open production data for larger numbers of units

Manufacturing under license: more autonomy

Are you trying to manufacture larger quantities and would like some autonomy?

We will provide you with the production data for our reliable motor control unit.

With the production data for our power electronics you can take the procurement of the printed circuit board into your own hands.



You can purchase the electronic components internationally and produce the circuit board anywhere in the world.

We supply you with the production computer for this purpose, where you can load the manufactured printed circuit boards with a software license. We have been using the database system needed for this every day since 2012 and it ensures reliable production with an uptime of 99.8%.


For students

Learning by doing

The motor control education kit is a hardware platform for the development of motor control software for brushless electric motors and was developed specially for educational use at universities.

The openly accessible printed circuit board comprises a micro-controller, a power module, and an electric motor. The power module is properly dimensioned to control the electric motors of e-bikes and e-scooters with an output of up to 1,000W.

A direct connection to dSPACE TargetLink allows seamless transition between different types of simulation:

  • Model in the Loop simulation (MiL): floating point simulation of the Simulink model
  • Software in the Loop simulation (SiL): fixed-point simulation of the TargetLink model on the host PC
  • Processor in the Loop simulation (PIL): fixed-point simulation of the TargetLink model on the ARM core

An example project with the Matlab Simulink model of how to control an e-bike wheel hub motor with space vector PWM (SVPWM) in connection with field-oriented control algorithm (FOC) is included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data
Controller STM32F107
Supply voltage of logic section 12 V
Supply voltage of power module 12 V-42 V
DC current sensor -75 A
Phase current sensor -12.5 A