Innovative power supply units and drive systems for limitless mobility

FRIWO as a competent partner for your project

As a system provider of drive technology, we provide you not only with individual components, but with the entire system. From high-quality drive motors and efficient power electronics to intelligent control and service software solutions – with us you get everything from a single source. We place great emphasis on precise selection and detailed matching of components to give you the best possible performance and efficiency.

Our drive systems are designed to maximize the performance and range of your electric vehicles. We develop and produce components that meet the highest quality standards and impress with their reliability and durability. In doing so, we rely on innovative technologies and environmentally friendly solutions that optimize energy consumption and contribute to sustainability.

Brekr E-Moped

Smart Design meets Radical E-Mobility-Innovation

Brekr Success Story

Brekr started developing Model B with the aim of launching an electric moped that surpasses all other models in terms of design and technology. The two start-up founders Jasper Hagedoorn and Niels Willems were looking for an experienced partner for the technical implementation. After testing numerous battery systems, controllers and motors, FRIWO emerged as Brekr’s system partner of choice.

Learn more about this exciting e-mobility project and the successful cooperation.

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Next Generation of Electromobility

E-Mobility Whitepaper

What matters when selecting power supply and drive solutions for electric scooters and motorbikes? What’s behind the systempartner concept? We answer these questions in our free white paper with a practical checklist.

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E-Scooter with electronic components made by FRIWO
 Two astronauts control an electric, universally applicable research vehicle

Special requirements for Electromobility

TU Graz Success Story

The future of autonomous electric mobility is multifaceted. Graz University of Technology is fulfilling this reality by developing a universally applicable research vehicle that can be used both for simulating a mission to Mars and for rescuing people buried in avalanches.

Learn more about this exciting e-mobility project and the successful cooperation.

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Data sheet for best-in-class engine control

Powerful control with automatic teach-in function

Minimum effort, maximum result: Our smart motor control unit can be integrated into your drive system within a very short time thanks to the automatic teach-in function. Request the data sheet for the best-in-class engine control NOW!

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Data sheet motor controller
Software application manual

Manual for the Enable Tool

Our all-round carefree package

Appropriate control and maintenance of the drive system is essential for long-term driving enjoyment. Our internally developed service software accompanies your vehicle over its entire service life. Request the free manual for our pioneering software in E-Mobility NOW!

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Charging and battery technology

The future of mobility is green, just like FRIWO’s charging technology. Maximum efficiency and minimum standby loss ensure environmentally conscious transportation. Our devices comply with diverse safety concepts, while offering high charging currents and a full battery in the shortest possible time – so that you don’t spend your valuable time stuck at the power outlet.

Our market-leading position in the field of e-bike charging technology means we are intimately familiar with the requirements of optimum power supply systems for light electric vehicles (LEVs).  Along with short charging periods, user-friendly operation thanks to state-of-the-art communication interfaces and the exceptional robustness of our devices are key to the experience of limitless electromobility.

From the user’s perspective, we see our chargers and battery solutions as constant companions that should not stand in the way of the next trip because of their size or weight. Our solutions are custom made for green transportation, and our development goal is, of course, zero standby power.


Rapid charging with minimum installation spac


Digital control of the electric motor as an experience

Electric go-karts

Maximum performance for maximum success

Electric rickshaws

Robust components that can survive dirt and humidity

Golf trolleys

Lightweight solutions that make a hobby more enjoyable

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