Fastest charging times for limitless mobility


From our market-leading position in the field of e-bike charging technology spanning many years, we are fully aware of the requirements of an optimal power supply for light electric vehicles.

In addition to the fastest possible charging times, our products must also be as user-friendly as possible in order for the user to experience limitless electric mobility. This includes interfaces that are as easy as possible for the user to operate and also smart communication concerning the battery level. FRIWO chargers are a trusty travel companion thanks to their compact design, lowest possible weight, and extraordinary service life.

With our tailor-made products for “green” electromobility, it goes without saying that our highly efficient charging systems offer minimal standby losses. Our long-term goal is zero standby power.

As an innovative company, FRIWO is constantly exploring new types of energy supply concepts as a way of focusing on the future of electric mobility. In the field of contactless energy transfer, which could represent the charging infrastructure of the future in the long term, we have already implemented highly efficient systems with parallel data transfer.


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