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Extraordinary requirements call for extraordinary power supply solutions. Whether the area of application creates special requirements in terms of shock, damp or temperature resistance, or the possibility of production outages has to be prevented using smart monitoring and communication of the device’s status – our innovative solutions ensure reliable security of supply, even under extreme conditions.

Peak performance for industrial applications

Peak performance often calls for peak current. Standard power supply units cannot deal with short peaks in current and fluctuating load profiles. Brief spikes in energy demand can put an excessive burden on many power supply units, and have a negative effect on their performance and operating life. As an expert in the development of customer and application-specific power supply units, FRIWO offers technical solutions that can handle those situations. That means your application always receives the power it needs.

We also achieve outstanding performance in other areas – including power density and installation space, dust and damp resistant potting of electronics, or with regard to electrical safety measures for possible malfunctions. That means you can safely operate your device in the intended area of application – regardless whether it is an environment with an explosive atmosphere (ATEX), at a maximum operating altitude, or in damp or wet rooms.

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Li-Ion Charger LEV500

A standard product that sets new standards

With the launch of the LEV500 Li-Ion charger, FRIWO is redefining charging technology for electric mobility in terms of robustness, efficiency and customizing.

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Smart system monitoring

Is the power supply unit overheating due to overloading? Is it approaching the end of its operating life? How many working hours has the power supply unit been in use? Should you replace it now, because it is at the end of its operating life and it could cause a costly system outage?

In the past there were no definitive answers to those questions. But these issues can be solved using FRIWO technology. Constant monitoring of the device’s status, and the use of state-of-the-art communication interfaces, mean the user is always kept up to date.

Industrial systems

Maximum outage protection, so production never stops

ATEX solutions

Inductive technology for use in explosive areas

Gate and garage door drives

Short peaks in current? We offer a long-term solution

Pump technology

Uninterrupted coverage of load profiles

Safety technology

Vandalism-proof solutions that can be hidden in walls

Locking technology

Minimum installation space allows for use in the narrowest profiles

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