Battery pack: The power station

Electrified at all times – thanks to our battery solutions, your drive can be, too!

Tried and tested

Our battery packs provide the power for Europe’s largest scooter rental fleets, where the requirements and needs are extremely diverse. Thanks to specially developed BMS electronics and associated software, we can react extremely flexibly to specific customer requirements and special functions.

Since as far back as 2013, our battery technology can be found in the large electric scooter rental fleets of European cities such as Berlin, Munich, Paris, and Bordeaux. This is where our battery packs have already proven their safe continuous operation and long durability over more than 5,000,000km and more than 150,000 hours of charging.

Continuous operation over 24 hours a day, seven days a week, requires a robust battery management system (BMS) to ensure high safety and continuous availability of the vehicles. In the rental business, the frequent change of batteries also puts much more strain on the contacts than usual. Together with a leading manufacturer of connectors, we have therefore developed our own connector system which guarantees up to 3,000 cycles of operation so that your customers can enjoy your vehicles in the long term!

Technical data
Energy 2026 Wh
Cell type Samsung INR 18650 35E
Cell layout 14S 12P
Nominal voltage 50.4 V
Voltage range 30 V-59 V
Continuous current 50 A
Peak current 65 A
12V output 1.6 A
Standby <0.1 mA
Digital input signals Key switch (enable)
Communication CAN bus
Diagnostic interface USB
Dimensions 268 mm x 76 mm x 378 mm
Weight 10 kg

Our top performance battery pack

The high-power alternative

More power? More fun in the driver’s seat!

The high-power battery pack is based on our proven e-scooter battery and has been further developed for maximum performance and durability. The INR1865030Q high current cells from Samsung allow discharge currents of up to 180A.

The high-power battery BMS is extended to include an external power module, which can offer continuous currents of 140A. The Stäubli industrial connector system guarantees a secure connection and allows the use of 16mm² cable cross-sections.

Technical data
Energy 1814 Wh
Cell type Samsung INR 18650 30Q
Cell layout 14S 12P
Rated voltage 50.4 V
Voltage range 30 V-59 V
Continuous current 140 A
Peak current 180 A
12V output 1.6 A
Standby <0.1 A
Digital input signals Key switch (enable)
Communication CAN bus
Diagnostic interface USB
Dimensions 268 mm x 76 mm x 378 mm
Weight 10 kg

Build your own battery

BMS solutions for battery makers

Protection and communication for your battery

Are you a battery maker and would you like to make your own battery packs? We will supply you with our tried and tested BMS and help you to automate your production process.

Our high-end BMS not only offers reliable protection for your battery but also a number of convenience and communication functions. Thanks to its UL certification, the BMS can be safely used and sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, including the US.

In practice, battery packs for the widest range of applications have already been tested and successfully certified with this BMS according to UN38.3.

The programming and adjustment of the BMS is done on site through our Enable Tool development and diagnostic software. You can also use this software to safely and reliably carry out firmware updates on battery packs already delivered.

Technical data
Cell configuration (serial) 10S-14S
Cell configuration (parallel) 1P-22P
Maximum current 65 A
Continuous current < 55 A
Functions Preload large capacities
SOC calculation
Perfect balancing
Statistics/data logger
Safety functions Fuse
Short circuit disconnection
Detection of cell connection errors
Temperature monitoring
Overload detection
Communication CAN
Signal inputs Key switch/push button
Outputs LED display
Dimensions 152 mm x 63 mm x 12.5 mm
Weight 72 g

Build your own BMS

Open quantity of production data for large numbers of units!

Manufacturing under license: more autonomy

Are you trying to manufacture larger quantities and would like some autonomy?

We will provide you with the production data for our reliable BMS.

With this data, you can take the procurement of the printed circuit board into your own hands. You can purchase the electronic components internationally and produce the circuit board anywhere in the world.

We supply you with the production computer for this purpose, where you can load the manufactured printed circuit boards with a software license.

We have been using the database system needed for this every day since 2013 and it ensures reliable production with an uptime of 99.8%.