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Motor control and drive unit as a package

Emerge drive unit

The Emerge drive unit combines a high-quality Motenergy motor and a FRIWO Emerge 6000 motor control unit to form a powerful system.

The two components are ideally suited to each other, and with continuous output of 5kW and mechanical peak power of more than 6.2kW they form the perfect drive unit for a range of exciting applications. The drive unit can be controlled using an accelerator pedal and brake or via the CAN bus.

The Bluetooth interface allows users to choose between four different driving profiles and performance classes – just one of the many advantages of our best-in-class motor control unit.

Technical data
Example applications Electric scooters
Golf carts
Input power 9kW (12hp) @ 48V
Output power 6.3kW (8.5hp)
Torque 26 Nm
Efficiency 83% @ 3500/min, 4.75kW out, 13Nm
Speed 5000/min
Recuperation Yes
Reverse gear Yes
CAN bus Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Diagnostic interface USB