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In a world that is becoming increasingly mobile, with environmental concerns playing an ever-growing role, the e-bike takes center stage in a more sustainable, healthier, and efficient mode of transportation. At FRIWO, we take pride in being part of this movement and offering innovative e-bike solutions that shape the future of electromobility.

Our mission is to provide e-bike manufacturers and riders with top-notch, tailor-made e-bike propulsion systems and power supply solutions. We rely on decades of experience and a deep understanding of the e-bike market’s demands. Our e-bike propulsion systems are distinguished by their highest quality and innovation. We offer a wide range of drive solutions that seamlessly integrate into various e-bike models. From powerful motors to intelligent control systems and efficient battery packs, our products are designed for longevity and reliability.

How Autonomous Electric Vehicles Promote Sustainable Mobility

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Discover how autonomous electric transportation is shaping the future of micromobility and accelerating sustainable mobility infrastructures. Our whitepaper unveils the exciting developments that will shape our cities.

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