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27. June 2023

Loyoubi charging stations – The solution for the growing demand for e-bike charging facilities

Together with Jordan Reflektoren and Design3, FRIWO has developed an innovative E-Bike charging station. This groundbreaking collaboration fills a crucial market gap and shapes the future of electromobility.

Innovative Solution for Future Electromobility

In the dynamic world of electromobility, FRIWO is consistently committed to driving innovation and shaping the mobility of the future. In close collaboration with the renowned company Jordan Reflektoren GmbH & Co. KG and the creative team at Design3 GmbH, we’ve achieved a milestone: the development of an E-Bike charging station that addresses a significant market gap and sets new standards in electromobility.

Addressing Challenges in the E-Bike Industry

The E-Bike market is thriving, and society is increasingly embracing environmentally friendly transportation alternatives. However, the limited range of E-Bike batteries and challenges related to charging infrastructure have hindered broader acceptance. In partnership with Jordan Reflektoren and Design3, we’ve developed a solution that overcomes these challenges.

Innovative Partnership for a Breakthrough Solution

The E-Bike charging station resulting from this pioneering collaboration offers numerous benefits for E-Bike users. Leveraging FRIWO’s comprehensive expertise in charging technology, we’ve created a reliable and high-performance charging solution. Jordan Reflektoren, an experienced partner in design and technology, complements the charging station with innovative mechanical elements. The Design3 team, in turn, ensures an aesthetic appearance that seamlessly integrates into urban environments.

Shaping the Future of Electromobility

Through the close collaboration of FRIWO, Jordan Reflektoren, and Design3, not only is a market gap filled, but E-Bike mobility is also elevated to a new level. Our E-Bike charging station combines advanced technology, efficiency, and appealing design to create a solution that makes E-Bike usage even more convenient and attractive. We cordially invite you to learn more about this pioneering collaboration and the future of electromobility.

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