16. January 2018

HERC: Winner in all disciplines

New powerful open-frame product line

FRIWO is revolutionizing its existing open-frame product portfolio by adding the new product line “HERC”, the product name standing for “High Efficiency and Rapid Customization”. It features two essential characteristics of the compact built-in components: very high efficiency (high efficiency and low standby losses) meets an easy-to-adapt open design for fast customer-specific modifications. The first lines of the new product series include output voltages of 5 – 48 VDC for power classes of 18 W30 W and 175 W.

As to open-frame PS dimensions, standard measures of 3″x2″; 4″x2″ and 5″x3″ for the different power classes have become well-established, and are also met by the HERC series. The very compact design includes, in addition to length and width, the height, which is only 1″- 1.3″ for the HERC line.

With up to 94 % efficiency, the power supplies belong to the top tier. FRIWO also sets new standards for idle power consumption: the DOE VI requirements for external power supplies are exceeded, which is quite unusual for open-frame power supplies. The units can be operated in an ambient temperature range from – 25° C to 70° C. A dual power concept allows the unit to be used both as a convection-cooled and a fan-cooled power supply.

The HERC line meets the medical requirements of IEC60601-1 and can be used worldwide at heights of up to 5000 m. With the protection 2 x MOPP, the insulation of the units is designed for both patient and user safety. The minimum leakage current of < 100 μA (for individual product lines even < 10 μA) allows manufacturers to design medical devices with a patient interface, an applied part of class BF or CF.

In compliance with the new Hazard Base Standard IEC 62368-1, the HERC units also come highly recommended for use in the industry, information technology and audio/video.

In terms of EMC, the new HERC series meets the 4th edition of the IEC 60601-1-2 standard for medical devices, both for professional and domestic use. Furthermore, the requirements for a device of protection class II without functional earth are met, which in turn allows the devices to be used also in domestic areas according to IEC 60601-1-11. With regard to the permissible limit values for harmonic currents of IEC 61000-3-2, units of power ratings > 75 W are equipped with an active PFC.

Further power ratings of the new product line (120 W, 225 W, 350 W, 450 W) are still being engineered and will be launched shortly.

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