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04. April 2018

Inductive components „made by FRIWO“

FRIWO’s Vietnamese in-house transformer and choke production manufactures for customers

In the Amata Industrial Park located not far from the Ho Chi Minh City metropolis in the south of Vietnam, German power supply and charging technology specialist FRIWO has two facilities: a main production plant for power supplies and charging technology, and a component plant producing the required transformers and chokes. These vital components for end products are manufactured in-house while maintaining full control over costs, supply chain and quality.

From now on, FRIWO’s customers can benefit from the attractive combination of a lean Asian organization under high quality standards and German management: the in-house transformer and choke production in Vietnam will no longer manufacture for FRIWO‘s own power supplies and chargers only but also for our customers.

FRIWO acquired the transformer and choke production from a supplier in 2016 and has completely modernized the production halls. Today the facility counts 19 assembly lines where 750 employees are manufacturing various inductive components with a yearly output of more than 17 million pieces. The personnel are highly experienced: Virtually all of the personnel joined FRIWO from their previous employer.

FRIWO demands the highest quality standards not only for its end products like power supplies and chargers but also for its transformers and chokes. State-of-the-art inspection technology and high quality development instruments are therefore available on site. In addition to conventional assembly line production of magnetic components, FRIWO’s production halls include lines with advanced automatic winding machines for the production of sophisticated transformers and chokes. Comprehensive HV- and final testing, optional 100% burn-in tests and the possibility of transformer potting under vacuum are additional features for outstanding quality.

A drone video provides insight into our transformer and choke manufacturing facility. Take a tour with us.

Today FRIWO does not only produce components for its own demand but also offers production services according to customer’s drawings and documents like:

  • SMPS Transformers
  • Power Transformers, potted and unpotted
  • Coils
  • Chokes
  • Current Sense Transformers
  • Wireless / Inductive Charging Coils
  • Toroidal Transformers


Further information and details can be found in this flyer.

FRIWO Vietnam – combining the best of two worlds: European expertise in flexible production processes and Asia’s attractive manufacturing conditions.

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