21. January 2020

“Innovation Potential in the Medical Sector”: Joint market research project with the University of Applied Sciences in Münster

Together with the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre of the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, we have carried out a detailed market research project to uncover innovation potential in the use of power supplies in medical technology.

Can the improvement of a power supply – at first glance probably more than an inconspicuous product – help to simplify the demanding everyday life of medical professionals? This is the question we have been pursuing together with the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre of Münster University of Applied Sciences.

A 14-member international team of students from seven nations (Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, France, Colombia and Mexico), under the guidance of an experienced professor as well as a FRIWO delegation, dealt intensively with the topic “Innovation potentials around the use of power supplies in medical technology”.

Over a period of three months, the team intensively interviewed permanent users of medical applications, such as doctors or nursing staff, about their everyday problems in dealing with the power supply solutions available today and evaluated the information obtained in detail. A total of more than 5,000 specialist users were asked about their experiences and requests for improvement in the course of the joint project.

From the easy disinfection of the products in the operating theatre to increased housing robustness for the hectic situations in the emergency room of a hospital – the results of the project were manifold and were eagerly received by the FRIWO team Michael Wiegand (CSO), Michael Brinkmeier (Head of Marketing) and Anja Klima (Internal Sales Manager). One of the key findings of the project is that the topic of inductive charging technology in the medical sector is still in its infancy and has considerable potential.

With innovative product solutions, FRIWO can definitely contribute to an improvement in everyday hospital life and in this way help to save lives. Together with our customers and partners, we will now use the knowledge gained from this project to make their valuable jobs easier for medical professionals worldwide.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team once again for their great work!

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