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08. May 2019

Li-Ion chargers with medical approval

With the devices FOX30-C and FOX40-C, FRIWO offers new members of its charger family as standard with medical approval according to IEC60601-1

FRIWO’s new FOX-C family includes highly efficient chargers for lithium-ion systems. These devices meet the new US efficiency standards of the Department of Energy (DoE) for chargers, which have become mandatory since 13.06.2018. With the FOX30-C and FOX40-C interchangeable adapter chargers, FRIWO also offers further devices from this product series with medical approval according to IEC60601-1 as standard.

The microcontroller-controlled chargers with an intelligent CCCCCV charging characteristic are designed for the optimum supply of Li-ion battery packs with 3 or 4 cells. And this worldwide, because the FOX system stands for maximum flexibility: The associated interchangeable adapter system with a wide input range from 90 to 264 VAC currently comprises over a dozen variants on the primary side. In addition to an IEC adapter and familiar standard adapters for Europe, the USA, the UK and Australia, primary adapters for Argentina, Brazil, Korea, China and South Africa as well as for India are also available in two- and three-pole versions. Particular highlights are the UK adapter, which meets the strict British Standard 1363, and the special IPx2 versions of selected adapters. These provide all FOX systems with IP protection against dripping water, which is unusual for interchangeable adapters.

The efficient devices have a detailed LED status display for optimum communication with the user. Like the other members of the family, these devices are continuously short-circuit proof and have an overload fuse as well as overvoltage and reverse polarity protection. In addition, the charger offers the option of monitoring the battery temperature.
The chargers are interference suppressed in accordance with the current fourth edition of the medical EMC standard IEC60601-1-2 and approved and certified in accordance with IEC60601-1. In addition, they meet the requirements of protection class 2 x MOPP and have a minimum leakage current of ≤ 100 µA, which ensures optimum patient safety. Furthermore, like the other members of the product family, the chargers comply with the IEC60335-2-29 standard.

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