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11. December 2017

Solutions from a single source

Battery packs from FRIWO

As a system supplier, FRIWO offers both chargers and battery packs. In addition to our range of standard solutions, we can design and manufacture custom solutions for stationary and mobile applications. And they all carry the “Made in Germany” label.

FRIWO’s standard portfolio uses premium cells. Our battery packs are equipped with an appropriate protective circuit, which monitors the charging and discharging process, reducing the stress on cells and significantly extending the life of the pack. FRIWO also offers solutions with active cell balancing, to ensure maximum use of capacity. Combined with FRIWO chargers, this results in an optimally balanced overall system.

FRIWO offers extensive development expertise for custom solutions. This allows the company to work closely with customers to create application-specific battery packs using cells from various manufacturers. Along with the optimum configuration of cells, we are capable of implementing complex battery management systems (BMS) including a range of communication systems and parameter queries. Among other things, this makes it possible to indicate the “health” of a battery pack or its charge status, or to implement cell authentication. Along with the capacity to develop and manufacture custom solutions, FRIWO has an internal licensing department, which works closely with the relevant authorities to secure the necessary official approvals.

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